Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Monday, April 26

Here's what folks need for Monday's class on assignment 4:

Step 1
Following our reading of Delaney's Territories, groups will research and observe a specific, accessible location on or near campus. Choice of place is important - it should be a site that involves some kind of regulated interaction, exchange or behavior between individuals who are in it. It also needs to have describable borders. Try finding your place through constructed derives - explore places with no intention other than to observe and make notes about things that appear interesting. View common places as if they (and the way people behave in them) are new to you.
With your group, decide on one defined territory.

Step 2
Each member in your group should conduct observations about the chosen location.
You should be able to answer at least the following questions:
1. What are the borders of your territory? And how are they defined/marked/known?
2. What kinds of interactions between people and the site are there? Are there objects or architectures that govern how the site is/can be used?
3. What kinds of interactions/encounters between people are there? (is it competitive, collaborative, monetary, familiar, etc?)
4. Are there distinct roles that people play within the territory?
5. What rules seem to govern these interactions? And how are the rules known? (Are they implicit or explicit)?

We'll use some class time to work on step 3.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

For Wednesday, April 7

I will be 1/2 hour late for class due to a conference presentation I am participating in that ends at 1:15. So, we'll start at 1:30 and pick up where we left off with Processing.

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Locative Media Assignment Deadline

Just a reminder that first drafts/rough cuts of the video prototypes are due Monday, April 12, and we will crit them then. Following these presentations, groups will have 1 week (until April 19) to upload final edits for evaluation.
Some more examples of video prototypes for locative media projects:
Mobile Audioscape

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