Thursday, January 28, 2010

For week 3 (Feb 1 + 3)

Feb 1

Everyone needs their first xhtml exercise (a simple hyperlinked version of text and images from Erol Morris's blog post in the form of 10-15 "pages"). See Day 2 in the calendar as a reminder of the details - this should be uploaded to your netfiles as instructed (or another server you have access to). Remember to email me a link.

Feb 3

Your team needs to have answers to the following questions relating to assignment 1.
a. What is your team's subject matter - what is in the exhibition you're creating?
b. What are your design/communication goals? (what is the perspective offered by your exhibition on the objects being represented? For example, are you exhibiting the work of a single maker, counter to anthropological musuem norms that represent makers as anonymous members of an exotic culture?)
c. What is the organizational structure you will use? (geography, date, gender, function, etc?)
d. What will your kiosk's architecture be? (see this site for examples) And how does it serve your stated goals?

Pick one of your team members' blogs to use as a journal for this assignment - the other person's blog should link to that one. Post your answers to these questions there.

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