Monday, March 15, 2010

Proceeding with Assignment 3

To reiterate what the first steps in completing assignment 3 are:

1. Get into teams of 3 (there can be teams of 4, but more than 2 are required - this is important as these assignments are based on a methodology that requires cooperation and the distribution of skills/tasks)
2. (re)Familiarize yourselves with the examples of locative media and the requirements of the assignment as discussed in class.
3. Answer the following questions by Monday, March 29 + post to one team members blog.
+ What new problem will you be trying to solve?
+ Why is this interesting or valuable as a problem?
+ Who is your audience?
+ What form of information will you be storing, retrieving, and why this form?
+ Answer at least four of the Formal Considerations questions above
+ Design 3 personas and scenarios based on your answers above

And don't forget to post the results of your drift/dérive exercise (map + 15 photos) by Wednesday March 17. (those of you absent on Monday will make this up on Wednesday)

And speaking of locative media, check out this article from today's NY Times, on the current iteration of the social software I talked about in class.

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